Desk of MD

From The Desk Of MD

Greetings from
Obaid I Lakdawala
Managing Director of Crest Concord Tours & Travels P Ltd!!

Two decades ago, from a small office at Mumbai, we nervously set about a visa company called “Concord Travels”. It has been an exciting and educative experience from being just another travel agency around a corner to the “Visa Masters” title, which made us famous and proud.
We delivered customized and flexible VISA solutions to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes - from tour operators and travel management companies to small, medium and big scale travel agency. Our commitment to efficiency, accuracy and detail won the attention of a number of established travel companies and we enjoyed “Preferred Visa Supplier” status with a significant proportion of the market leaders in the travel industry.
After so many years of experience and hard work, backed by one of the largest, smartest and full experienced visa team, with tons and tons of daily first- hand experience, plus our technology savvy office and our reputation with all the Consulates, WE are bound to render all the existing competition way too pallid in comparison.

Today, Crest Concord – The Visa Masters… stands above the rest. Our services combine the right blend of efficiency, speed and accuracy to make your visa experience convenient and hassle free. Come and grab a delectable slice of our service and taste forbidden ecstasy!!