Terms & Conditions

Crest Concord Tours & Travels P Ltd is a dedicated wholesale company and does not deal directly with the end consumer. To obtain a login ID and password, you must be a bonafide travel agent or a tour operator. Once you log in to our website, its presumed that you have read, understood and will abide by our terms and condition of trade as mentioned below.

  • Our service charges are for dealing with cases for attending the appropriate authorities to lodge applications and collect processed documents and are payable by the customer whether applications are successful or not. Any non-refundable embassy, consular or other fees disbursed by us are also payable by the customer
  • Any information supplied, advice given or service performed by "Crest Concord Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd", is based only on our knowledge and experience & the understanding of the various consular, passport and visa regulations and requirements in accordance with the latest information at our disposal. Regulations, requirements, fees and processing times can change without notice and without notification to us. Customers should be aware that travel arrangements should not be confirmed until the required passport, visa or equivalent travel authority documentation has been obtained.
  • Consular, passport and visa regulations, requirements, fees and processing times can vary depending on the nationality, residency status, vocation or personal details of the applicant; the reason for the visit or intended length of stay; the means of travel, travel route or onward destination; the number of entries requested, required or granted;. Consular and other authorities may add or vary requirements on any individual application at their discretion. "Crest Concord Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd" will use their best efforts to advise customers in order to submit applications in accordance with their understanding of the relevant consular requirements and cannot be held liable or responsible, under any circumstances, for such information supplied, advice given or service performed in good faith. The embassy, consular and visa fees disbursed may differ from the amounts expected. "Crest Concord Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd" do not control and therefore cannot guarantee the time required or taken by consular or other authorities to consider and process applications.
  • The provision of a complete and correct application together with the required supporting documents, evidence, authority or information is the sole responsibility of the customer. "Crest Concord Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd" reserve the right to withhold lodgment of an application, if in the opinion of "Crest Concord Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd", the application or accompanying documents do not meet the requirements of the relevant authority to support the type of application intending to be made. No liability can attach to us for any delay so caused. However, we will keep the customers informed about such pending documents in advance.
  • "Crest Concord Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd" cannot accept any responsibility, actual, financial or consequential, for any loss, damage, mis-delivery or delay of documents whilst they are out of their 'on hands' control, e.g. whilst they are in the care of an consulate or government department, chamber of commerce, notary, translation service etc., or when entrusted to the courier service. Once documents are entrusted to an outside third party, the duties of "Crest Concord Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd" have passed their relative stage of completion and "Crest Concord Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd" have consigned the documents on behalf of the customer. The customer must therefore initiate any claim directly to the third party and the involvement of "Crest Concord Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd"is limited only to offering all possible assistance